About us

Being a tour guide for longer than 12 years, I have seen, experienced a lot with humans, animals all over Thailand or in abroad.. and the way the animals being treated and people ' attitudes towards them.... I told myself since the first day I studied to be a tour guide, that I would do the tours in the moral ways, I would fight for righteous..I would dedicate my life to help any lives being mistreated...Some cases I could help and some I couldn't...though my effort couldn't be as powerful as a sun, it's only just like a lit candle, but I would never stop to light on more candles to make some dark parts of the world to be shone...make it brighter the best I could.. However, sincerity is something I couldn't find much in this tourism businesses. Many businesses concerned were trying to "use" animals like a money making machine. They weren't treated well enough...and not even with some respects. When I begged them for mercy, they were annoyed. I understand that I am not their boss and those animals weren't belong to me...I dreamt that I would like to have a place where they could relax in our home... in the atmosphere like their habitat..so I can take care of them under my sights and by my hands..

And finally, I could buy a very big land on the riverside along the mountain...I told one of the elephant camp owners if I could by an elephant whom our company loved the most..to relax on our land when she's old and retired..The owner promised me... not to sell her to anyone..she would be kept for me..to relax on my land the rest of her life..

My heart was broken, when the elephant was ill for days while I was away...The owner didn't want to pay for medication and decided to sell her to a politician at very cheap price as it seems the elephant was dying. I was informed just only hours before the elephant was delivered. I couldn't come back immediately as the air tickets were all full. I needed to fly down to Bangkok and decided to follow her up to the North again to her new place days after.

I was so disappointed for being betrayed. But this situation made me destined to meet a vet who inspired me there...I came back and started to build my project with a strong aspiration that I would take care of ill or abused elephants and made them live here happily and peacefully..

It's not easy at all to build this place with a lot of obstacles that you can't imagine. By the way, for some reasons, I am proud that I could save them from the circus and the zoos who chased them away when they were sick...These elephants were mistreated and abused from previous places and now each of them recovered very well under my cares. They are relaxed in natural environments..plenty of foods, and day by day medications..

I left the city life and dedicated to the country life for them..I put all my heart and spirit into this place. It's built up with my tears, dishearten and tiresomeness. But whenever I think of them..I keep my head up..though it's painful...those elephants are helpless and I can't refuse to help them...I have to be by their sides, though there's a lot of burdens to carry..I am more than happy to move on...

Thanks to you all for supporting my dream, it's not for myself, but it's for these innocent lives to live peacefully with humans and nature...while their habitats have been destroyed everyday. I can't say that this is the sanctuary, but it's their home...full of love , sincerity and mercy...

Welcoming you all with our warm dedication.